The thread changes color and emits light on various conditions.


"CELLAN" is a trademark of special thread which changes color and emits light on various conditions. The threads have a prominent effect since nylon and polyester filaments are bonded with special resin and pigment.

There are some kinds of "CELLAN".

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The thread which accumulates light

"CELLAN NGL" Need bright light and certain time for charging, but afterglow is very bright and long time. Color variation is red, pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, and raw white (GSS). As examples of use are Climbing rope, Vest for night traffic control person, Braids, etc.

"CELLAN GLL" This is very new type. Quick charge even under gloomy light, and afterglow is also very bright and long time. This type will be main item and is highly. Color variation is red, blue, green, yellow, orange and raw white. Also 2 ply thread for embroider is available

For embroidery.

for personal 100m winding
for supplier 2000m winding

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#In addition, the threads are available in various sizes according to your use.
The color and thickness of thread are sometimes uneven depend on adhesive condition of pigment resin.

Use example

  • Monogram
  • Braid / Dog lead
  • Embroidery
  • Safe rope


"CELLAN'93" is a quite unique nylon color-change thread, changing by special fluorescence (UV-lump) called "Black Light".
We produce these types of thread that emit light in red, green, blue.
And the original color of the thread is white.
The threads are 103}15 denier, but we can make the thread of various thickness according to your use. (We have made it 122}25dtex and 167}35dtex.)

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Cellan UV

"CELLAN UV" is in white in no ultraviolet rays place (the left picture), but it will change color in purple in ultraviolet rays place (the right picture).
After changing color, it will return to the original color, white (the left picture).
But, it doesn't have a lasting effect and it gradually fade away.

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