The typical bonded thread of SAN-ESU


"SAN-ESU BOND" have pleasure in being able to offer customers a wide range of high quality threads for industrial use.
"SAN-ESU BOND" threads are superior to threads offered by any other manufacturers in this field and give great satisfaction to customers because of their various out standing features.

Outstanding Features of "SAN-ESU BOND" Excellent Sewability

  • Resistance of the threads to sewing friction is greatly higher than non-bond yarn. And deterioration of the strength of the threads after sewing is lower. (Especially, application of high speed sewing is outstanding.)
  • By bonding, for joining twisted each single yarn strongly, the threads are few end breakages and ply-ravelling.
  • The threads are low-hygroscopicity, therefore the strength of them doesn't decline using in the damp and the water.
  • The threads have better resistance to gas, mineral acids, oil, mildew, fungi and micro organisms.
  • The threads have a fair resistance to weathering, for example, ultraviolet-ray, seawater, etc.

"SAN-ESU BOND" Variety List -Plenty of Variations, 60 colors

As the list below, there are variations of nylon and polyester filaments of various denier.
And 60 colors are available. Our standard export packing is --- 6 spools per inner carton, 120 spools (20 inner cartons) per export carton.
The main counts : #30, #20, #8 (nylon), S/69, S/92 (polyester)
The main uses : Nylon - Tents, Sheets, Sports goods, Leather products, Shoes, Bag, Carpets, Upholstery, Mats, Filter fabrics, Work cloth with special stitching (e.g. for buttonholes and pocket fixing). Polyester - Sailcloth, Canvas products, Tents, Sheets, Leather products, Sports goods, Leather label for jeans.

San-esu Bond Color sumple
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